hymenopter (hymenopter) wrote,

Еще один развод!

Получил письмо от еще одного (вернее одной) коллеги. Что характерно, текст дублируется на английском и на испанском. И снова Англия - вот опасная страна! Денег опять решил не посылать :-) Товарищи, будьте бдительны! Текст закопировал ниже, для истории.

Hello Dear ,
    i am in a hurry writting this,sorry that i did not inform u before my travelling,I had a trip to the united kingdom(cardiff),which is suppose to last for just three days, Unfortunately for me all my money got stolen at the hotel where i lodged from the attack of some armed robbers and now i have been without any money i am even oweing the hotel here,so the hotel telephone service is dissconnected and it is still under construction at the moment,so i have only access to emails,i have been deprive for alot of facility,my mobile phone cant work here so i didnt bring it along, please can you lend me 2,500dollars so i can return back home and settle the hotel bills i am owing here,i will really appreciate it. i would return it back to you in full as soon as i get home,you can also give me your account details so i can transfer the money back to your accout immeidaitly i get back home. I am so confused right and disorganised now.You can have it sent through western union money transfer it is faster and easier i think,  I have already spoken to the hotel manager to pls give me few days to pay out my debit,please let me hear from you so i can give u the information where you can send the money as soon as possible please so i can get out of here quickly. I am waiting for your reply.I am looking forward to your positive response..

With kind regards,


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